963 Knowledge Engine (963 Industry Semantic Knowledge Atlas)




Fundamental Research – Logic Structure of 963 Industry Semantic Knowledge
( All Industry / Discipline Covered Semantic Thesaurus )

History: Over a span of 20 years;
Units involved: More than 1,100 research organizations (including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, National Bureau of Statistics of China, National Library of China);
Dedication: More than 90,000 experts;
References: Over 60,000 professional books;
Scope: 134 sectors and 963 industries;
Update: The automatic discovery of new knowledge and new words;
Highlight: Our project was a National Information Resources Development and Utilization Pilot Program in China;
Qualification: It has passed the evaluation of Advisory Committee for State Informatization of China.

Core and Algorithm – Semantic Knowledge Atlas and Self-Adaptation, Self-Learning Algorithm of 963 Industries

Provide an industry, category, subject (object) characterized semantic knowledge atlas, thesaurus etc. in a web shaped logic relation for various application scenarios. In line with the automatic discovery rule of new knowledge and new words, our thesauruses and atlas are enabled real-time update and change.

Technological Feat – Semantic Correlation System of 963 Industry Based Big Data

Practice directional collection, deep processing and reorganization (integration and restructure) over isolated, disordered mass information to form high-quality and effective information knowledge database clusters. Enable information to be semantically correlated, categorized and accurately indexed (cross industry, discipline and type) for reproduction of logical information knowledge and reproduction of application scenarios. Discover new knowledge, new possibility and new opportunity; create new values.

Conclusion of seven month long professional evaluation by the Advisory Committee for State Informatization of China

“The system is a significant innovative achievement. Its research and development is a systematic engineering that involves heavy work load. Synergized with information resource catalog system, the system is able to work upon the information resource for oriented capture, structured processing, semantic association between information, accurate retrieval, provision of reproduction of knowledge featured information. By so doing, information resources are excavated and utilized. This is not only the wealth of the company, but significant fortune for the country.”

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