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Human Knowledge Community — New York Times Square

Correlation, Integration, Sharing and Co-Creation of Cross-Industry/Discipline,Cross-Culture/Country, Cross-Times/Territory, and Subject.


Lay a solid foundation,and the time will come for you to shine

20 years'accumulation and precipitation, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.Big data, Onecooo came on stage with glittering appearance at China.Langfang international Economic and Trade Fair.


Hand in Hand We Launch Knowledge Engine

Hand in Hand We Launch Knowledge Engine for building knowledge industries and establishing a knowledge society. Finally, achieving knowledge civilization.


Onecooo in New York

Onecooo presented on the advertisement screen of New York’s Times Square to recruit talents all over the world.


Onecooo and Hebei Province

Significant Strategic Cooperation Agreement was Signed between Onecooo, Huawei and Langfang Municipal Government of Hebei Province.


Onecooo and Zhejiang Province

Mr. YUAN Jiajun, Executive Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province and his team visited Onecooo.


Onecooo and Chongqing City

Former Chongqing City Mayor Huang Qifan (Vice-Chairperson of Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China ) and his team visited Onecooo.


Onecooo and the United Nations

Mr. XU Haoliang, Assistant Secretary General of the UNDP and his team visited Onecooo.


Onecooo and Huawei

All-around Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed by both Huawei and Onecooo.


Onecooo and Inspur

Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed between Inspur Technologies Co., Ltd. and Onecooo.


Onecooo and Sugon

Cooperation Agreement Signed between Sugon and Onecooo on Big Data Infrastructure Services.

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